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L.A Girl Cosmetics

No pun intended, if you literally are a Dodger fan right? This brand is figuratively called L.A Girl and it is definitely L.A weather friendly. You would be surprised how necessary a light feeling make up is necessary on a warm, sunny day where sunglasses are the norm. They have a varied selection of foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, brow makeup etc. I found the small brush on the end of the concealer was priceless. If you are familiar with using any type of concealer, it is a easier application when the small brush is used and they have a great color palette that allows for multiple concealer shades to be used when contouring or preparing a makeup look. Autumn/Fall looks require a darker shade of lipstick and maybe a nice darker blend of eye shadows and this brand has a nice assortment of colors. Also, the use is made easier by the easy to comprehend titles of each cosmetic. An easy buy. ✔️