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Japanese Bento Box

When you are on the road and you make a stop, why not try to find sushi? Rare, I know but we came across a delicious restaurant that specialized in Japanese Asian cuisine. I, not being famished decided to try a Bento Box. Not all Japanese restaurants carry them but if they do it is probably for lunch or reasonably priced like this particular one. A Bento Box is a single portion or home take out meal common in Japanese Cuisine. The origin of the Bento can be traced back to the Kamakura period ( 1185-1333). This particular Bento Box contained a salad, teriyaki chicken, a substitution of shrimp tempura and a classic California roll. You would think come on, try a larger dish on the menu and really go for some over the top sushi. No, I decided, we have done a little walking and this dish should be just perfect. I was right, it was just enough to satisfy my appetite and it was scrumptious. Believe it or not restaurants don’t always ace the teriyaki chicken, tempura shrimp or even a classic California roll. This restaurant made sure every item was delicious. I was happy I chose a small dish for a small appetite and a few classic favorites. ✔️