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Transitional Decor

The transition to summer starts with an easy and simple decor change. Get ready to switch out pillows, throw blankets, curtains, rugs, pictures etc. to insure your decor is just as bright as the summer months. How important does that bowl of fruit in the kitchen or the yellow floral painting in the hallway become during the summer months. What seems like the most mundane decor change, becomes the overwhelming necessity in order to make your seasonal transition as seemless as possible. Who knew that pillow switch would mean the difference between sitting on a warm couch full of wool pillows or sitting on a casually cool couch with beige linen pillows. Your decor ideas become as easy as your summer wardrobe. Yellows, pinks, greens and most in pastel of course, become an easy summer palette. You can let one item become what your decor is based on, so that cute little sculpture on the mantel becomes your decorative centerpiece.