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After the Super Bowl🏈

Well, Los Angeles is still celebrating a major victory with a Super Bowl win. However, if you hosted a Super Bowl party or made sure your family was happy with Super Bowl fare, you may have leftovers. It is okay to have a leftovers and even leftover decor. That means serving items, such as cups, plates napkins etc. We would love to think that Los Angeles Rams cups and napkins will be useful next year but most likely the color scheme or even style will change. These pictures of Los Angeles Rams decor from 2019 and pictures of Los Angeles Rams decor today, show how Super Bowl merchandise can change.

Los Angeles hosting this years Super Bowl called for prominently displayed Los Angeles Rams merchandise and a win in Los Angeles only further helped this city celebrate and its merchandise was seen everywhere.

Hosting a Super Bowl party meant a Super Bowl in Los Angeles and a Los Angeles team in the game. Exciting! But now three days after we reflect and look forward to next year’s game! Congratulations are in order for the City of Los Angeles and its Los Angeles Rams! 🏈