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Super Bowl Ideas 💡

The Super Bowl is upon us and what better way to show your team spirit then making sure your guests are happy. That can be family, friends, co-workers etc. Celebrating your favorite team or just celebrating the game of football would suffice. The host of any event, can decide to buy merchandise for the specific teams playing or they can buy merchandise for the theme of football. There are a multitude of ways, you can celebrate this event. The colors of the Super Bowl can mean the colors of the teams that are in the Super Bowl. For the City of Los Angeles the teams colors are royal blue, yellow and white and for the City of Cincinnati that colors are orange, black and white. A simple or extravagant theme will get your point across. There are balloon arches, Super Bowl themed tables, decor, and even outside decor that can show your football enthusiasm. However, when it comes to football fare, it is best to make sure you keep your theme casual and comfortable. Most football fans are actively watching an exciting game and will probably not worry that you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen cooking an extravagant meal. This is the event where corn dogs, sliders, French fries and other finger foods become the focus. What fun to decide if you are going to have hotdogs in small blankets of dough or if you will have pulled pork sliders or beef sliders. There is even room to use a grill either the inside one or outdoor one to make your Super Bowl meal. The overall theme is for fun, so you want to make sure that your decor as well as your menu says Super Bowl fun. Congratulations always to both teams for making this event a wonderful time. 💡🏈