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Comfort Food 🍴

What exactly do you classify as comfort food? Food that gives you a sense of home. That means food that reminds you of days past, memorable days, memorable recipes and just great food that makes you feel comfortable. That means pancakes with fruit within or added to the top, along with a dollop of whip-cream can constitute as comfort food. I decided during the time of cooking at home more than not, a recipe that included baking powder, flour, granulated sugar, butter and eggs could not have been more of an opportunity for me to make my own version of comfort food. I literally went for a recipe that reminded me of coming home after a long day of being outside, wether riding my bike or going to the neighborhood park. I would return home to a wonderful smell that made me ask what is exactly cooking? I knew it was either homemade cake, cookies or some sort of bread.

So, it is not that difficult to decide what is comfort food to you. Either way, once the recipe is complete, there is always a smile. Either from yourself or someone else.