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Stonefire Grill 🍽

Well, tri-tip sounds fantastic after a smorgasbord of holiday cooking and entertaining. Of course, the family decision to stop by this family friendly establishment was ideal. The choice of a petite tri-tip or a bigger portion was my decision to make and this particular day, I chose the latter. A salad was the addition that made it an appetizing meal as well as plenty of butter and garlic bread sticks that were more than enough to hold over the appetite as we waited to see the results of our table tracker. Now, the ordering takes place in the beginning at the counter with an array of options from signature salads to delicious combos. You are directed to a refreshment center where you fill your drinks and grab any necessary silverware. A comfortable booth was our sitting locale and my view was of the almost night time sky with a touch of holiday lighting. The tracker given to us allowed us to wait for whatever server was assigned to our table to find us with ease. No wondering how fast the order was getting to us because it was fast enough. Hungry kids, family etc. were made to not wait too long as to cause any angst. An almost capacity restaurant let me know that this Sunday midday meal was not only our idea. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised that my turtleneck, hoop earrings and boots felt at home, while the casually dressed family was as comfortable as I was. A nice and casually comfortable place to enjoy a meal, with family. ✔️ 🍽