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Fall Florals 💡

More attention is placed on faux florals during the warm summer months. You can find beautiful florals in abundance almost every where from grocery stores to flower marts, yet nothing can replace a beautiful faux vase of flowers that never need watering. You will never need to replace them and missing a day or two of watering is always okay. Well, the great thing is that you can look for faux florals to be available in the fall months as well. Bright greens and even few light blue flowers all make the fall cut. Sort of speak. You can count on many different kinds of faux florals that can be used in place of fresh, cut flowers that can make the same decor impact that your average florals can make. The key is to make sure your vase is just as thought of as your fall bouquet. Your key to making sure your floral decor is beautiful is to pick the florals to compliment your vase and if your skill level justifies, then your color scheme. The overall idea is to be able to fill your beautiful vases even though the weather is decidedly cooler. 💡