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After Easter 🐣 🌸

The great day of Easter has passed. A wonderful day that takes what seems like months for preparation. The dinner has been prepared the decor has been changed and your guests are either entertained or happy you included them. A wonderful holiday that is chock full of ideas and wonderful ways to implement them. Egg coloring to Easter egg hunts all take on new meaning when you include the concept of marbeling eggs or using foil techniques. Easter egg hunts become more coveted when there is a huge golden egg to be discovered. The menu is changing as people have different food requests to either maintain the new diet fads or sustain a new dietary goal. Wether or not you understand all that it takes to put the holiday together or you are just happy enjoying the fruits of it, you know this is a beautiful and important holiday. The hope is that everyone enjoyed the day as much as possible and made sure to appreciate the meaning of the day. 🐣🧺🌸