Christmas Preparation 🎄

If you are like countless people who celebrate the Christmas season than Christmas goes into full swing the day after Thanksgiving. Wether you are shopping after Thanksgiving sales or have already gathered your Christmas decor, your color palette takes center stage and what ever your main color choice is, your decor follows. The consummate decorator knows that a Christmas tree, wreath or table centerpiece can set the tone for your holiday decor. The only thought becomes how fast everything can go up and how creative you can make your Christmas decor look. By creative that can mean, would Christmas pine green become a more subtle green or does poinsettia red become pink. The Christmas tree ornaments take on a life of their own and a subtle Santa ornament can become Santa with a beard with silver flecks or a round ornament can become an artistic creative element to add to an already dazzling tree. Never the less, your creativity, your style, your fashion sense or simply your attention to detail comes full circle. There is no question about how long it took, just where did you get that or how did you do that? Holiday decor is the most fun when you use your own sparks of creativity to get the response you want when you walk into a room. There is no other way then to impress others than to impress yourself. Find that hard to do? Google holiday decor and don’t surprise yourself when you see a multitude of holiday decor on holiday websites that seem almost impossible to recreate. Have no worries, because a dazzling wreath can make a whole room. Also, a dazzling centerpiece can make a holiday dinner comfortable to enjoy. Prepare your way and prepare the best way you know how. 🎄