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Christmas Trees 🎄

What is the most daunting task of your Christmas holiday? A menu that makes everyone happy. Nice kitchen accessories, because having reindeer towels are important. Christmas decor which includes garland, or maybe a strategically placed wreath. No,the majority of the thought goes into picking and decorating the Christmas tree. Artificial or live are the options and great options they are. I remember having a Christmas tree that was lighted via fiber optics. That means the tree lights would change colors as the tree was lit, so there was no dominate lighted color scheme. It worked for a while and I thought having a colorful assortment of ornaments made for interesting decorating. As the seasons went on, we opted for a more general lighted tree, so the choice of lights began. Did you know your Christmas tree can have uniformed lighting, soft lighting etc.? Yes, Christmas decorating becomes a creative endeavor. Pick your favorite tree and let the creativity begin. 🎄